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2XM was born by Nissim Migionis and Joel Menco with the purpose of representing and distributing International apparel and footwear brands in Greece and Cyprus. The two entrepreneurs with the international experience decided to seal their 20 year friendship with the creation of the company and used their surname initials to name it. 2 times M brought 2XM into life in the summer of 2007. Through their idea of a healthy organization that would be based on people that shared their vision of a company that would be able to work flexible in an always changing environment, they manned up the business and started to work. The results are seen from the company that managed to grow and develop its scope of business even in the tough economic conditions that Greece has faced the last few years.
The aim of the company remains the same as the day it was established; to maintain its focus on its customers and their needs. Based on this notion and being always respectful of whoever you meet on your way you are bound to succeed.


Μigionis and Menco meet in the prior’s knitwear factory. A new friendship had just begun.


Τhe decades of friendship between Migionis and Menco is sealed with the birth of 2XM.




A stray puppy was found in the warehouses of 2XM. The decision was swift. Jo was adopted and became soon the mascot of the company!


2ΧΜ moves to new offices in Kifissia and a new stray dog was adopted by 2XM!





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